New Glarus Oktoberfest

It has been less than a year since River Peak first brought the show on the road and set up a vendor booth at an event.

We have had the opportunity to get a few of these under our belts now (hardly forgetting anything important these days), but New Glarus (Wisconsin) Oktoberfest may be the richest in food and beer we have ever taken part in. Weirdly, 75% of the folks we met were actually from northern Illinois.

Beardsmith and Blademaiden were able to leave the shop in the capable hands of the rest of the barber fam for a full Saturday while we huddled in our booth from the cold and rain. Happily Shopkeep Lindsey was able to follow us up Saturday evening, with Joey and Amanda making the journey on Sunday.

So much delicious food was eaten, and much Spotted Cow was drunk. MANY good dogs were petted. Blademaiden mostly shivered and lived on warm spiced cider.

And we left with about as heavy as load as we came in with, because while we sold a lot of goods, we also purchased way too many neat things from the tons of neat little shops in this adorable little town.

Beardsgaard Barbers

We also refilled that empty Spotted Cow keg, because when in Wisconsin, you load up on some New Glarus brews.

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