David Eason Attacks The LGBTQ Community Once Again – Transgender People ‘Are All Perverts’

Will he ever learn? It looks like tolerance just isn’t in David Eason’s vocabulary. After Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans’ husband was fired due to making insensitive homophobic and transphobic comments he is once again under fire for the same offense.

In a new demonstration of hate speech on social media, the man called transgender people ‘perverts.’

He posted a meme that showed a college girl at the top and over it, the following message can be read: ‘In Democratic America, if this girl sees a penis at a party it’s a crime.’

Underneath it, a little girl washing her hands in a public bathroom is shown and the message continues: ‘But if this girl sees a penis in the women’s bathroom it’s tolerance.’

This ignorant meme refers to the fact that North Carolina has thankfully overturned the ‘bathroom law.’

But of course, from his point of view, that is a bad thing.

When one social media user confronted him about the post, David got into an argument with them, and in the comments, he ended up calling all trans people ‘perverts.’

‘Trans people are not automatically perverts. Anyone can be a pervert,’ one user wrote in response.

‘Yes they ALL are perverts, do your research. Why do you even think they change their whole lives to meet their sexual preferences?’ Eason argued back. Sigh.

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Posted by Leda May on Thursday, September 27, 2018

The same user once again attempted to convince him otherwise, but it was like talking to deaf ears.


‘If there is not any perverts in the bathroom we would not have to worry about kids being curious or accidentally walking in on somebody. When they see a trans looking like a clown walk in, they’ll probably stare because it is very strange to normal people. Kids naturally know there’s something wrong and different.’

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