Tiny Harris Keeps T.I. Happy At Home With Her Impressive Cooking In New Video

It seems that Tiny Harris has found the key to T.I.’s heart — some delicious soul food.

In a new video that has surfaced online where she is cooking up a storm, and she is doing it vegan style.

In the clip, Tiny explained to her daughter that she is using vegan cheese and no meat.

Fans are applauding Tiny’s cooking and the fact that she is a great mother and wife.

Tiny recently had a lavish birthday bash for T.I. despite a recent fight over Bernice Burgos.

A source said: “T.I. got Tiny to forgive him for their latest fight over Bernice the same way he always does, by lavishing her with so much love and attention she simply couldn’t stay mad at him. When he zeroes in on her and takes his time in the bedroom, it’s impossible for her to hold on to her grudges and he knows it.”

The person added: “She can be mad as hell at him, but when it never takes very long for him to earn her forgiveness in the bedroom. She’s so attracted to him, and when he gives her the love and attention she craves, it rocks her world, and the last thing she wants to do is leave him and let some other chick, like Bernice, have him.”

The insider went on to explain: “She feels like she has the best prize in the world with T.I. as her husband and when it comes down to it the good times are just so good that it makes it worth putting up with the hard times.”

One fan told Tiny that her meal is mouthwatering and continued with: “Yessss, throw some pepperoni on top! The BEST. Tiny, please just have a YouTube channel and teach us some recipes.”

Another follower wrote: “That’s why she corrected her daughter. She said vegetarian meat. Which are meatless crumbles? You’re such a great mom and wife. Tiny that look good and it ain’t even done yet! Hook it up boo!”

This third person shared: “I just know it’s going to be good you got my favorite cheese. That’s the real deal Sergento! Tiny knows what she has and she happy, and nobody going take her happiness away T.I. didn’t do any wrong he ain’t comment on her page but real woman doesn’t play childish games, and a real man keeps everything clean real talk God bless you Tiny fan.”


Tiny will always do what is right for her man.

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