Rob struggles through talking about himself, Hakiki and the Hi Hakiki Podcast.

Hakiki Logo. Yes, that’s me.


It’s weird that I’m on medium considering I’m not a big reader/writer, but here goes.

This post is going to talk about me, Robert Maiolo. My company, Hakiki. My podcast, Hi Hakiki Podcast. I like lists; let’s do a list.

  1. Robert Maiolo

That’s me! I work at a big bank in Toronto. Average kid from the borough (Scarborough WHAT). I love creating, thinking, listening and looking around. I love to travel and I love to be around my friends and family, but also love being around myself. I suck at follow-ups and small details. I’m not a big fan of senseless meetings, math and coconut flavoured things (although Ilove raw coconut)

2. Hakiki

That’s the name of my side hustle! It means “real” when translated from Uzbek (no, I don’t speak Uzbek). Hakiki is a male cosmetics company. Irun the whole thing. I make the products, design, market, customer service — all of it (which is my favourite part, I love doing all of it). The most important part of Hakiki is that it’s real products made for real people. Ihate the “douchey-ness” that is accompanied with male cosmetics, especially beard care. Its OK to grow a beard and buy beard oil and not be into leather books and scotch and fireplaces at a wood cottage in December. Its also OK to be into those things. The point is, I’m just a kid from the borough that loves all natural cosmetics and I want you to love them too. Please reach out if you ever want to talk shop.

3. Hi Hakiki Podcast

That’s the name of my podcast! Essentially it documents what I’m doing with Hakiki, the struggles, the victories, the lessons learned, the tears, the laughs, all of it. I try to offer advice when Ican and knowledge about products as well.

The theory behind the podcast is:

Every podcast about entrepreneurship takes the angle of “I’m successful, here’s how Idid it”.

This podcast is from the angle of “man, this is hard, here’s how my journey is going, Isn’t this fun? or sad? or crazy? or difficult?”

Alright! thanks for reading. I hope you’ll check out my podcast, its a pretty wild ride and available wherever you listen to podcasts. Below you can also find my Etsy store, Instagram and Twitter. I’ll be posting a lot of information about products and ingredients on here (talking about it during the podcast is a bit boring)

Instagram — @HakikiCanada 
Etsy — 
Twitter — @robbiesouth

Thanks again. Take care and we’ll talk soon.



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