Nolan Gould And His Beard Look Insanely Sexy In New Pic


Celebs really have to wow us here at Sturb we’re going to post pics of them in which they have their shirts on and don’t have their dicks in their hands. And after seeing this pic of Gouldy Two Shoes himself rock climbing with his guns blazing and manly man man beard on point, consider this parched blogger wowed!

I might just be horny on a Monday, but nineteen-year-old Nolan Gould is looking like a total snack attack with his cute little backward hat on and climbing gear hiked up around his dude twat. We recently saw Gould sporting a beard while shirtless, but this time, for the first time, he acknowledges his manly man man manness with the caption:

Don’t worry the beard is getting shaved as soon as I’m out of nature

I think he mistook my lactating for worrying? Is your Nolan Gould obsession waning with each day that we don’t see his fat throbbing cock, or are you still Gould to go? Spillzies!

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