How Much Do Barbers Earn?

One of the most asked about questions from people wanting to come into the hairdressing and barbering industry is understandably about how much money they will earn. Unfortunately, there is no specific answer. “Trying to pin point a pay bracket is really hard” says Mike Taylor, Head Educator at the Great British Barbering Academy, “I know some barbers that are millionaires but I also know some barbers who just get by each week”.

One huge impact on your earnings will be whether you are employed or self-employed. If you’re employed, you will have the security of knowing a figure that you will take home each month. This will usually be slightly less than self employed barbers but you will also have the security of holiday pay, sick pay etc. As a self-employed barber, the world is your oyster. Some will pay rent a chair, where you pay a set amount of money each day/week for your chair and the rest of the money you earn is your own. Others work on a percentage commission where they split their earnings with the shop owner. The percentage can very from shop to shop but most popular is 50/50. “I would say the average, good working, self employed barber can earn around £25-30K” says Taylor.

Barbering can open up so many different opportunities, whether you want to travel the world, open your own shop, work on stage or just enjoy a great career working behind the chair. The best news is, men will always need a haircut so you’ll always have a job.

One word of caution though, is that whilst there is a great opportunity to earn a decent wage, everyone has to start somewhere and you won’t become a great barber overnight. Don’t expect to start your career in barbering earning the same as established barbers. You’ll need to work your way up.

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