Tiny Harris Has Reportedly Forgiven T.I. – They’re The Power Couple They Always Used To Be

Tiny Harris and T.I. have recently celebrated eight years of marriage with all kinds of ups and down. But the good thing is that it seems Tiny was finally able to forgive Tip after all the latest cheating allegations that have been surrounding him lately.

Tiny is reportedly in love with him and here’s what a source close to the situation told the online magazine Hollywood Life:

‘Tiny and T.I. are so back on track; they’re practically inseparable these days. Tiny has pretty much forgiven T.I. for cheating, but there are days it still haunts her.’

The same insider continued and said that ‘She lives with her fears of him cheating again because what they have together is just so damn good. Tiny says no man has ever satisfied her the way T.I. does.’

The source went on and said that the connection between these two is basically a soul connection and this is reportedly the only reason for which she was able to forgive Tip after the alleged cheating with Bernice Burgos and this year’s drama.

The insider concluded by telling the magazine that soulmates cannot be kept apart and this is why Tip and Tiny are now going strong again.


To celebrate their eight-year anniversary, Tip took tiny to an exotic vacay, just the two of them where it seems that they managed to re-bond and now they seem happier than ever. She even supports him from the backstage during his concerts these days.

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