Tamar Braxton Channels Her Inner Princess — Vincent Herbert’s Wife Is Glowing In New Pictures After The Drama

Beyonce who? Tamar Braxton is killing the fashion game, according to her fans in this new fashion photo shoot for Icon magazine.

Tamar opted for a princess look in a stunning gold dress that featured a long skirt.

Lounging on a sofa, Vincent Herbert’s wife looked radiant and seemed to have moved away from the drama and chaos in her personal life.

In another series of photos, Tamar is dressed in a sheer skirt with giant flowers and matching top.

One person told the diva: “She’s a boss. So glad to see you rising above the drama and pain. Looking great! She will always be better than Beyonce could dream of. Now, THIS is fashion! She looks beautiful if y’all say anything else just say you don’t like Who is the photographer? Good work ..Stop playing Tamar, you know he’ll always want ya, just saying! Like your the shhhhhhsss always well what ever and the show goes on! Team Tamar!!!!! She makes her own lane!!!! How she wiser and just keep gettytinnn younger!!! #Living Legend!”

Another commenter shared: “This what we been waiting on! Girl, you been sleeping on us. I saw these on Facebook earlier .. she looked Bomb asfi love the look, but didn’t she do the big chop a while back? is it not growing? is wearing flowers a new thing? I mean Tamar Rihanna beyoncé. That is what I understood it all to be about as well. The ultra most declarations just weren’t necessary. As a woman, we should absolutely feel free to change up as we see fit – no explanations needed. Do you (all of us) and stop giving explanations and such for things you don’t need to. Tamar, I love you and your family. Yall are the bomb.”

This critic revealed: “She needs to fired that stylist for that tacky outfit. A whole mess. Stop acting like a disrespectful 5-year-old. Not cute, not entertaining and certainly does not take talent to do what she does. That poor little boy. He really needs someone to set a good example. Anything that fails is Tamar reaping what she does. Not a baby, just the last child her mother had. GROW UP TAMAR.”


Tamar appears more serene during her recent outings.

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