Flagrant Beard Raises Its Banner!



We are happy to report that the Tennessee-based Small American Business Flagrant Beard has lofted its banner for House Morningwood, and is now a part of the Morningwood Bazaar.

Our Patreon supporters, er Sworn Swords, will now be able to walk the aisles of House Morningwood’s cyber marketplace and purchase whatever Flagrant Beard gear they’d wish without a second thought…or fear of remonstrance when they return home.

What sort of gear, you ask?

Well, knives, for one thing, knives. Knives like the Flagrant Forerunner and the Havoc, as you’ll see below.

There is also a wide variety of EDC gear and apparel available at Flagrant Beard, including an impressive lineup of quality belts.

Did we mention they make individually serialized ‘hawks for hewing?

Connect with Flagrant Beard on the ‘gramz, @flagrantbeard. Marvel at Dave’s fiery lambchops, and remember to join House Morningwood’s Morningwood Bazaar by supporting us on Patreon.

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