Kim Zolciak Gets All Emotional While Documenting Her Kids’ First Day of School

Summer vacation ended in some Atlanta communitiesandKim Zolciak had to send her kids at school for a new school year. Check out her Instagram post and her emotional message.

‘Somehow I made it through the day yesterday. It was all good until they started to get out of the car to go into school and Kane grabbed my face kissed me and said, ‘I love you Mom’ I was done!!’ Kim posted on Instagram as her kids were posing for a group photo.

‘We got Kash to his room, and as he started to hug me he started to cry, welllll…that meant I started to cry! As he hugged our nanny, I scurried out so he wouldn’t see me cry!’ she continued her emotional post.

The Bravo star said, ‘So our nanny and I were walking down the hall on our way to KJ’s class crying our eyes out! We got KJ situated, and he waved goodbye and took a BIG sigh, and when he took that big sigh, daddy started. We drove home all crying.’

Her fans were also impressed and they posted lots of kind words in the comments section, wishing all the best for her kids and the whole family.

One fan posted: ‘you have the cutest kids. You are such a great momma! I say the same thing all the time- I wish I could keep my four yo mase, home every day too. I wish I could just homeschool him, but I know kids need that socialization. Mase is starting pre-k in 2 weeks & my parents are the only sitters he has ever had. I think I’ll probably cry more than him tho. 😩 However he did just tell me today “ I changed my mind, I don’t wanna go to school anymore, I just wanna be dumb!” 🤣’


Another follower gushed over her kids, especially her baby girl: ‘Look how grown up your baby princess is @kimzolciakbiermann life has blessed you.’

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