‘Orange Is The New Black’ Drops Season 6 Trailer, Where Is Alex Vaus?

The inmates at Litchfield are venturing into new territory as Orange Is the New Black kicks off Season 6. A new promo trailer for the upcoming season picks up after the events last season and shows the ladies in a new high max environment. How will the women react to the change of scenery?

Season 5 ended with the several of the ladies — including Piper (Taylor Schilling) and Taystee (Danielle Brooks) — hiding in their underground pool anticipating a raid from the local S.W.A.T. team.

The trailer reveals that Season 5 will start after the raid, when most of the characters are living under maximum security. We don’t know how everyone will handle the new situation, but it’s pretty clear that Suzanne (Uzo Aduba) isn’t cool with her new digs.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Season 6 will also explore some of the fallout from the prison riots last year, which should definitely make things interesting. Given everything that happened to Litchfield in Season 5, authorities are not going to feel merciful, even with those prisoners who were innocent. “They want us to go down, regardless of what we did or didn’t do,” Red (Kate Mulgrew) shares in the video.

With the ladies under a new watch, they will also be more segregated than in past seasons. In fact, the trailer shows that the inmates are now separated into distinct groups by colors (khaki, pink and blue) and each faction is basically at war with each other. While there is a lot of drama going on in the trailer, the video does not feature one of the biggest characters on the show: Alex Vaus (Laura Prepon).

At one point in the trailer, you can hear Piper calling out for Alex, but she does not make an appearance. While this might worry some fans, Prepon recently tweeted about the final day of shooting so we know that she will make an appearance at some point next season.

Apart from Prepon, fan favorite Lolly Whitehill (Lori Petty) will also be back in action when Orange Is the New Black returns to the streaming service later this month. Exactly how big a role Prepon and Petty will play in the new season, of course, is yet to be seen, but at least they’ll be back in some capacity.


The new season of Orange Is the New Black premieres July 27 on Netflix.

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