Rihanna Has Been On And Off With Hassan Jameel For Two Years — Surprising Revelations Mean It Is Over For Chris Brown

Blame it on passion and wild desire — Rihanna and her Saudi lover, Hassan Jameel, have been together for about two years now and have been able to keep their romance down low, which is very difficult for a famous face like Rihanna to achieve.

This week, the singer turned makeup mogul was seen having a heated exchange while on a romantic gateway in Mexico. Many expected for the split rumors to surface online soon after.

Instead, Rihanna reassured her fans by telling them that she is a lioness and her man is the king of the jungle, and they sometimes roar at each other — especially over the FIFA World Cup.

A source close to the actress said do not fear for her couple because they are at each other’s throats, they break up and get right back together in bed.

The insider shared: “Rihanna and Hassan have an extremely passionate and intense relationship, with a tendency to break-up and make-up fairly frequently. They have a powerful physical connection, and when they fight it can get pretty heated, but then they have crazy good make-up sex, and everything is great between them until they fight again.”

The family friend continued by explaining: “Both Rihanna and Hassan suffer from a jealous streak, and as they lead very independent lives, it can cause problems between them a lot.”

The same insider went on to share that the pair’s complicated schedules contribute to the many fights and breakups.

The pal confessed: “Rihanna really is crazy about Hassan, but it’s hard to see how they can make their relationship work long term unless she is willing to scale back on her career, which isn’t likely to happen. Conversely, Hassan isn’t about to cut back on his work commitments so he can fit in with Rihanna’s life.”

One fan reacted to the news by saying: “Rihanna is the only female goals I need in my life… cussing out a billionaire while smoking a blunt…I adore you.”

Another commenter explained: “When you know you messed up, so you have to make a joke. She is so immature, Hassan is the opposite.”

This third supporter stated: “Whats really sad about this picture? Those lions are obviously captive. They’ve been socialized in grotesquely strange circumstances. For there entire lives. And yes it is an example of male-female relations in the African American community. Sorry I know its a light fun picture but I wish my brothers and sisters could get along and stay married for many years like we used to.”


One thing is for sure, Rihanna has moved on from Chris Brown.

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