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When looking for a suitable method to remove their stubborn body fat, people now have lots of technological innovations. Among these, fat cavitation and Cryolipolysis are the ones that receive the major attention.

And though people might confuse them to be almost similar due to their working methods, the fact is, both these methods are entirely different.

Are you acquainted with the major differences between these two? Let us inform you about this.


This is a beauty treatment that employs controlled cooling to reduce non-invasive fat from the most fat-affected portions of the body. In fact, this is a method to reshape your contours.

Cryolipolysis is effective for moderate to dense localized fat deposits in body parts such as hips and thighs etc. This cooling technique treats and reduces the adipose tissues around 2cm beneath the surface of the skin, without causing any disturbance to the normal human body temperature.

Fat Cavitation:

It’s a non-invasive fat reduction method to reduce fat from the body parts. It basically uses low-frequency ultrasonic waves which penetrate the human skin to deplete the fat cells.

Ultrasonic fat cavitation treatment has been found to be very effective and just a single session of treatment may reduce as much as 1 to 1.5cm of fat from the body. No wonder, the use of ultrasonic cavitation machines is on a boom these days.

6 in 1 Radio Frequency Cavitation 2.0 Machine

The Difference In Methods:

The difference between both these methods could be understood from the following points of comparison:

· Fat Reduction Process:

As aforementioned, cavitation mostly uses ultrasounds for fat reduction, while Cryolipolysis offers results with the help of controlled low temperature which focuses only on some definite potions.

· Number Of Sessions Needed:

If we talk of effects on a definite portion, cavitation may take more number of sessions in comparison to Cryolipolysis.

However, the final outcomes in Cryolipolysis are achieved much, much longer than fat cavitation method.

· Results:

For cavitation, the results could be visible right from the first session and you can get the number of sessions according to the amount of fat you wish to reduce.

In Cryolipolysis, the visible results take much longer to appear and are generally noticed only a month after getting the regular treatment.

Beauty Device — Portable 5 in 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation Fat Removal Body Shaping

· Home Uses:

You can get an ultrasonic or a radio frequency cavitation machine very easily and at affordable prices for home uses. These are extremely portable too.

Cryolipolysis machines too are available readily but are a lot expensive in comparison to the fat cavitation machines.

So if you are about to obtain any of these two treatments for fat reduction, do understand the differences well and never fail to get the assistance of an expert beauty therapist for the best outcomes.

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