Three Scientifically confirmed methods to develop a beard in Nigeria


Disclaimer : no myths right here simply details, uncooked details.

your face is clean as a butt

Upon launch the Black Panther film rapidly gained vital acclaim and has crossed $1bn {dollars} at international field workplace, that is partly because of the robust cultural themes echoed all through the film which resonated firmly with BP audiences particularly amongst black folks. Whereas Wakanda is a fictional paradise and there’s sadly no actual vibranium on earth, it’s not the primary African nation to change into a worldwide chief in expertise…enter Nigeria.

Whereas we nonetheless battle with crime and corruption, we’ve made some actually outstanding developments in expertise ; in Fintech with quantum phasing expertise and Telekinetics) and beard-growth expertise (the main focus of this submit). Listed below are three tech innovations Nigerians use to get that T’challa glo’.

  1. Shaving

If you shave off your beard, your hair follicles set off secretion of testosterone within the amygdala which stimulates hair regrowth within the facial area, because of this, facial hair grows quicker, faster and thicker.

2. Moringa leaves and seeds

Apart all of the necessary well being advantages of the moringa plant, it additionally helps in facial hair development and normal enchancment of intercourse attraction because it accommodates an unidentified substance that solves all of mankind’s issues.

3.Shea Butter

Each household in Nigeria has a jar of Shea butter saved away for all kinds of causes nevertheless science has confirmed that behind each attractive beard, there’s an empty jar of shea butter.

In conclusion, Nigeria may not be fixing her most urgent issues, nevertheless Nigerians are working tirelessly to ensure their unsolicited opinions are heard in all aspects of life.

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